I would like to bring your attention to two types of VPN services.  There is not universal term to describe the differences, so for the purposes of this site, I’ll call them Private VPN Services and Anonymous VPN Services.  Though some may argue that they’re one in the same, there remains the point that there are a wide variety of service providers out there and someone looking for privacy on the internet through a VPN connection should know that not all companies agree on what private actually means.

You can click on one of the links to read more about my distinction between anonymous and private VPN services. Actually, I wanted to fit everything on the home page here, but they turned out to be really long articles (about 1000 words each), so I figured it would be better for organization and esear to read if I just created separate pages.  Within each page your’ll also find links to VPN services that fit the my description.

You can also see a full list of VPN services featured on the site.

Online Privacy

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Private VPN Service   VS   Anonymous VPN Service

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Every country in the world has a unique set of laws regarding your privacy on the internet.  These laws change.  Keep up on the latest news from around the world regarding online privacy, internet censorship, virtual private network technology, and VPN service reviews.

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#1 Private VPN Service




A professional grade VPN. The only place that writes 100% of its VPN server software, manages its own network, and owns the all hardware used.  Option for NAT Firewall and encryption upgrade.


#1 Anonymous VPN Service


Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

A VPN service truly dedicated to privacy.  Though their site is lacking in overall design, there are two things they do better than anyone else: Price & Anonymity.


 Easy Installation And Setup VPN



Super easy to install and get set up, plus a simple pricing system for their VPN plans.  Stream TV, unblock sites, and all that good stuff without all the hassle.


Web Based VPN

(Zero Installation Secure Browser)


It’s a proxy. It’s a VPN. It’s web based, which means no installation. Plus, it’s cheap, encrypted, supports flash, and comes with a free trial.




Q: What’s the best VPN service?

 A: There is no “best” VPN. It depends on what you want to do, how much you want to pay, how long you want to sign up for, and which operating system or router you’re using.


Q: Which devices can use a VPN?

 A: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8), Linux, Nokia (some models), Blackberry (some models).


Q: Can I connect my internet TV (Boxee, Apple TV, Google TV, Roku) to a VPN?

 A: Not directly.  You can use a VPN router, or use your laptop VPN connection.

Q: Can I connect my gaming console (PS3, Xbox Live, Nintendo DNS) to a VPN?

 A: Same answer as internet TV.


Q: What’s the fastest VPN Protocol?

 A: Most people say PPTP, but this will depend on your location, your OS, and your original internet connection speed.


Q: Are VPNs legal?

 A: Yes. Unless you’re in a select few nations in the Middle East or Asia, they are legal because they’re legitimate business tools.


Q: Will using a VPN make me look suspicious?

 A: No. Many ordinary, non-hacker-type users use VPN services to protect their private data while using the internet on unsecured networks.


Q: Is using a VPN service totally private?

 A: That’s up to debate.  Some services draw the line at illegal activity.  Some say you’re protected by the “willful ignorance” of the VPN service.  For details on this please read about Private VPN vs Anonymous VPN.


 Q: How much does a VPN service cost?

 A: For a single month of service you may pay $20 per month for high-end specialty services.  For discount, lite packages you can pay as little as $4 per month.  There are some free ones out there, but they’re pretty crappy and not useful for long term privacy solutions.

 Virtual Private Network


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